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Takeda Allegedly Failed to Report Actos Dangers to FDA

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, developer of the popular Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, has been accused of manipulating its reports to the Food and Drug Administration. Actos has enjoyed strong sales since its release. It has come to light, however, that the drug may be linked to a drastically increased risk of bladder cancer and other dangerous health consequences.

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Takeda’s Reported Misrepresentations

A former Takeda consultant and medical reviewer has accused the company of failing to sufficiently adhere to strict safety standards for a drug maker. According to the consultant, the company failed to accurately report the results of initial testing and ignored negative and damaging results that could have delayed or cancelled Actos’s release.

Some of the more condemning accusations against Takeda include:

  • Reporting only 72 of 100 cases of bladder cancer to the FDA
  • Cancers were found in initial animal testing
  • Cancers were confirmed during Phase III testing

The former consultant’s lawsuit claims that the company did not report many cases of adverse effects that it should have in order to market Actos as a safe alternative to other Type 2 diabetes medications. This helped Actos capture a majority of the diabetes drug market within a few years of its release, making $2.4 billion in its first year on the market. The company is accused of putting profitability before safety.

A spokesperson for Takeda asserts that the company “complies with all laws and regulations regarding the reporting of adverse events.”

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If you have taken Actos and been diagnosed with bladder cancer, the Actos lawsuit attorneys of Williams Kherkher can help you hold Takeda Pharmaceuticals accountable for the harm that its improper actions have led to. Contact us by calling 800-641-9810 today.

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