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Stages of Bladder Cancer

During the course of their lifetimes, approximately four percent of men and one percent of women will develop bladder cancer. Recently, Actos, a medication intended to treat type 2-diabetes was linked to a drastic increase in the occurrence of bladder cancer. People who took Actos became much more likely to develop the disease after taking the drug for more than 18 months.

If you or someone you know took Actos to treat type 2 diabetes and are now experiencing bladder cancer symptoms, the drug company could be to blame. Contact the Actos lawsuit counsel of Williams Kherkher to discuss your legal options with a skilled and experienced attorney. Call us today at 800-641-9810.

The 4 Stages of Bladder Cancer

Doctors use a system of stages to determine the severity of bladder cancer. Generally, the higher the stage, the farther the cancer has spread. Bladder cancer begins forming when abnormal cells begin to form and grow inside the bladder tissue. This is Stage 0, and is divided into two categories, depending on the kind of tumor formed. One of the categories, papillary carcinoma, is characterized by growths that appear similar to mushrooms sprouting from the bladder’s internal lining. The other category is a carcinoma in situ, which is a tumor that grows flatly along the bladder’s lining. The cancer is then defined by how far from the bladder it has spread:

  • Stage I: Cancer has formed inside the bladder and spread to its inner lining.
  • Stage II: The cancer has dispersed into the muscular wall outside of the bladder.
  • Stage III: The cancer spreads to the fat around the bladder and possibly sex organs.
  • Stage IV: Cancer has diffused to the pelvis or other parts of the body.

When cancer metastasizes, or spreads, to other parts of the body it becomes more dangerous. You must take action to treat cancer as soon as possible to keep it from spreading.

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