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Robotic Cystoprostatectomy

In many cases, bladder cancer becomes invasive and requires radical surgery to save the patient. These surgeries can range from the removal of a small section of the bladder to costing the patient their entire bladder, nearby organs, and lymph nodes. These surgeries can have a devastating impact on a person’s body and take a great deal of time to recover from. Luckily, there are less invasive surgeries that may have the same benefits as other invasive procedures, but spare more of a patient’s body.

Bladder cancer has been shown to be a tragic side effect of the prescription Type-2 diabetes drug Actos. People who have been taking Actos as directed for longer than a year are at a greatly increased risk of developing bladder cancer. If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos, an Actos attorney from Williams Kherkher can help you seek compensation for the horrible unintended effects this drug has had on your life. Contact us at 800-641-9810 to learn more about how our Actos attorneys can help you.

The Marvel of Robot-Assisted Surgery

Robotic cystoprostatectomy is a non-invasive bladder cancer surgery that is used to quell the advance of invasive bladder cancer in males. The surgeon’s task in this surgery is to remove the bladder and prostate gland, which may unfortunately lead to sexual side effects. Afterwards, the surgeon builds a new bladder for the patient using a snippet of their intestine.

In a robotic cystoprostatectomy, the surgery is performed through small incisions. A surgeon controls robotic appendages, performing the surgery remotely through a computer console. The small incisions mean the patient can recover more quickly (compared to more invasive procedures) and many nerve endings are spared from being needlessly cut. The robotic arms can also perform on a very precise level in confined spaces where it would be impossible for a surgeon’s hands to perform well.

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